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Senior Marketing Consultant

Isabel Da Guerra,
founder and CEO of
Larne Business Marketing Advertising

What clients say

“We found Larne Business Marketing Advertising very professional and very helpful advising us about our web site. Always available for help with any queries. We can recommend this business for all web design.”

Jim P

“The work and professionalism is first class – a site I am proud of and that people can find. Always available at the end of the phone and to call in and resolve any issues. Are continuing to cover different aspects of my digital marketing for which I really appreciate. Can wholeheartedly recommend Larne Business Marketing for any online work.”

John M

Isabel is a friendly marketing consultant and business branding professional.

As a digital business development specialist, Isabel is well versed in the nuances of online business communication and social media marketing.

She has demonstrated the capability to enhance financial success for the corporate business clients she coaches and supports.

Isabel’s own business acumen was honed through many years of experience holding financial positions within the corporate companies, prior to becoming founder of Larne Business Marketing Advertising.

Additionally, she remains active in the community that has nurtured and supported her by maintaining memberships in professional associations and through volunteer work at non profit institutions.

Achieve profitable results with tried and tested digital branding goals.

Provide reliable brand marketing tools that guarantee success to your sales team.

Expand the knowledge to even more lucrative business branding opportunities online.

Build and strengthen social media networking relationships with consumers.

Enhance competitive rank positioning, setting up A-B brand marketing campaign tests.

Instant communication with consumers is powerful for business branding.

We help you determine real marketing goals to achieve business branding objectives.

Formulate easy navigation to complex and conflicting marketing trends and signals.

Prepare your business to react effectively in a rapid changing brand marketing environment.

Brand Management & Development

Create a brand You’ll be proud of! Custom designed to fit your marketing budget.

STEP 1: Booking

Tell us the advertising goals you want to achieve…

STEP 2: Audit

We run a free SEO and Social brand trust report.

STEP 3: Proposal

We custom design for you ideal web package(s) …

STEP 4: Review

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STEP 5: Visibility

Great web presence = profits. BRAND & OUTRANK!

Formulating A Marketing Plan Together

STEP #1 – Building a strong Foundation: Whether the target is to launch a dynamic burst of branding (marketing campaign on steroids), or simply monitor the growth of a new business online, or even enhance the authority of a mature company… a well formulated marketing plan is the fundamental tool to start with.

Understanding and composing a clear marketing strategy with the business owner (the client), is the start up of a good business relationship…

Then steadily  developing from what once was an original, custom designed marketing plan, to exciting branding initiatives which promises the company’s branding growth… and the expected increase in profits.

Very exciting!

Who Do We Work With

  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • Organizations
  • Enhance online brand recognition
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Dominate the digital marketplace
  • Track and achieve profitable goals

STEP #2 – More Than a Digital Marketing Plan Now

  • Integrating the company’s previously untapped creative ideas to surface and mingle with the marketplace online.
  • Provide a set of logical, practical marketing options that can be applied to even in challenging network surroundings.
  • Incite and train the team to break free from custom predictable actions and assumptions.
  • Maximize business brand strengths, diminish its weakness, capitalise on opportunities, and overcome impending threats.

Strategic Marketing

Special Events: Defining your product and the organization, by skillfully creating branding initiatives and promotional campaigns.

SEO & Social: Imaginative brand development and marketing campaigns will effectively define your company’s footprint, while abiding to organisational priorities and integrity.

Customer Relations: Highlighting company strengths and improving competitive rank positioning through effective signals to targeted social network markets.

Reputation & Branding

Initial Approach: Sensible reputation marketing techniques, offers the tools to unlock awkward communication approaches.

Sales Training: Switching a challenge into positive and profitable opportunity.

Service or sales team members learn to ask the right questions at the right time in the sales transaction process.

Confidence development and creating opportunities to evaluate areas that need improvement or build on hidden strengths.

Rinse & Repeat: Lively and interactive group coaching, together with role playing exercises.

Motivating participants to practice marketing techniques, to achieve confidence and success with a sales branding situation.

Social Networking

Going Social: Create and keep beneficial relationships with business clients.

Grouping: Unlock business and social branding opportunities by devising a closed-doors social networking group.

Be Approachable: Create a lively and interactive coaching or training program with your expertise.

Participants receive objective support to confidently react to what your objective is.

Business Transfer: Develop your digital department by positively transcribing your expertise into digital media. Creating more sales transactions.